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Booking 2015 in the making…



Flocken is preparing and getting ready for a new year of music and adventures. 2014 was a year when you did´nt hear so much noise from Flocken. We´ve rested, been working on new material, planning the album recording, made friends with new animals…
… and NOW is the time to tuck up the sleeves, blow your horns, contact us, book us and say hello to the animal inside you!.
See you out there!!!
Love from Flocken


Summaries and 2014

Flocken @ Klubb Ankaret

We´ve had a great fall with great concerts and work on new material. Kiruna was a blast! Such an experience and adventure to come up and play there in the very far north. So were the gigs in Gothenburg. Below you can watch a short video take from our gig at Klubb Ankaret, where the picture also is taken. Good vibes and dancing!
We also held a workshop in improvisation at the Culture School of Backa in Gothenburg, which gave us more taste of doing workshops and working with students. If you´re interested in organizing a workshop with Flocken, don´t hesitate to contact us!

And for 2014 we´re looking forward to keep working on new material for our upcoming album. We´re looking forward to play at FiN-festivalen in Norrköping in the end of april and hopefully we will see you out there at more festivals during the summer. We´ll keep you posted!

As always- for more frequent updates, pictures, thoughts, information and videos, please visit our facebook page:

All best for Christmas and the New year!
Love, Flocken


End of summer and new dates!

Flocken, Restaurang Vatten, Tjörn, Flocken musik

Flocken, Restaurang Vatten

The summer has come to an end and the fall is slowly taking over. We´ve had an amazing summer with lots of gigs, adventures and new friends. The picture above is from one of our gigs at the Restaurant Vatten in July, a great venue with the sea just outside the window.

So, what´s on now? We have some concerts booked for the fall and they are:

9/10 – Klubb Ankaret, Göteborg (more info)
11/10 – Bio Roy, Kulturnatta, Göteborg (more info)
9/11 – Restaurang Mommas, Kiruna
10/11 – Bistro Solsidan, Kiruna

We hope to see you out there!
And don´t hesitate to contact us for any questions, bookings or just a hello!!

Love, Flocken

Summer tour dates!



As one can divine in the picture above, we´re very excited about the summer and upcoming concerts we will do in Sweden and Europe! Here are the tour dates, so far!

Visit our facebook-page for even more updates, detailed info and photos from the tour!


25/5 – Tollered Kulturfestival, Tollered, kl 21
1/6 – West Pride, Bältesspännarparken (GBG) kl 14
1/6 – Andra Långdagen, (GBG) kl 17
3/6 – Köpenhamn, Strøget
5/6 – Altona, Hamburg, kl 19
9/6 – Badehaus, Berlin, kl 21
12/6 – Peniche Anako, Paris, kl 20.30
16/6 – Poortgebouw, Rotterdam, kl 19
17/6 – Clit Club, Amsterdam
4/7 – Restaurang Vatten, Tjörn, kl 19
11/7 – Restaurang Vatten, Tjörn, kl 19
13/7 – Backafestivalen, Skåne
18/7 – Restaurang Vatten, Tjörn, kl 19
25/7 – Restaurang Vatten, Tjörn, kl 19
1/8 – Restaurang Vatten, Tjörn, kl 19


Hope to see you out there in the sun!!

Great gig @ Umefolk and Europe tour

Flocken, Umefolk

Flocken, Umefolk


We had a really great adventure last weekend, in the areas of the deep woods in northern Sweden. Flocken held outdoor barbeque party in the snow, met many animals such as 17 deers and 300 cows and ended the weekend with a really great gig at the festival Umefolk. So happy about that!

As for the upcoming events there are some gigs planned for the summer, and hopefully more to come in. Flocken is playing at the restaurant Vatten every thursday in july and are going for a great street music tour in Europe 1-19 of june. We will visit, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and probably more cities on the way. Do you want Flocken to come and play at your venue, in your house or in your garden, at your festival, on your street or anywhere else… Please let us know!!! Anything could be possible on this crazy tour! Send us an mail to:

And for now, enjoy the spring sloooooooowly coming closer and sun sloooooooowly getting stronger.

Love, Flocken

Flocken goes Folk Music Festival & Jazz Club 2013

Exciting news for spring time!

Flocken is glad to announce two new opportunities to see us live in the very first half of 2013. Whether you like to stick around to a folk music vibe or a more jazzy club feeling you can see us either at the folk music festival Umefolk in february or at Lokal Jazz in Gotheburg in march.

23/2 @ the great folk music festival Umefolk in the north of Sweden, Umeå

24/3 @ the cosy jazz club Lokal Jazz in Gothenburg

Best New Years wishes from all of us in Flocken to all of you out there!

Hope to see you in 2013!!

Flocken gott nytt år


Hamburg! Schwettigt..

Second time in Hamburg and we’re still amazed at the amazingly warm and welcoming atmosphere this place greets us with. Our most sincere wishes goes to Maxim in the band VAKUUMULATOR who gave us a ride from Berlin to Hamburg in their huge, fancy min bus. In Hamburg we’re taken to this semi-occupied house (Yupi Bar) where they give us extraordinary soup, free beer and a good vibe in general. In an hour the place is crammed and people are doing the jiggley diggely to our music. Most enjoyable!!

After the show our Hamburg hosts Natalia and Suren takes us to a surprisingly neat falafel place, lets us hang out with Flockens new found best friend Eli the dog and puts us to sleep with some nicely blended rum and coke. End of day one.

Day 2 we’re off to haubtanhoff to greet the streets and this was, as always in Hamburg, a very enjoyable experience. The rest of the day we spent eating junk food on a bus to Berlin.

Yupi Bar @HAMBURG.


Strasse near Haubtbahnhof @HAMBURG (Danke Peter for the photo)