About Flocken

Powerful and dynamic hybrid folk music with Swedish and Eastern European roots

FLOCKEN’s debut album Altona is the result of four years of intense touring and musical experimentation between four musicians with four distinct personalities; a mutually enriching give-and-take process characterized by openness, spontaneity and intense stage presence.

The members met at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg; two of them had a folk music background, the other two were raised on jazz. Since 2011, they have toured Europe extensively, performing at all kinds of venues—from the streets to established stages and acclaimed clubs.

At the core of Flocken’s music, you find klezmer as well as Swedish and Balkan folk music.  Composers Ida Gillner and Fredrik Brändström have also swirled in some tango, Bulgarian folk music and jazz. The result is a powerful and dynamic debut album alive with encounters between musicians, genres and artistic expressions, treating listeners to free improvisation, strict arrangements, tradition and new territory

Ida Gillner (soprano sax)
Fredrik Brändström (accordeon)
Donovan von Martens (double bass)
Anna Lund (drums)

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