Summaries and 2014

Flocken @ Klubb Ankaret

We´ve had a great fall with great concerts and work on new material. Kiruna was a blast! Such an experience and adventure to come up and play there in the very far north. So were the gigs in Gothenburg. Below you can watch a short video take from our gig at Klubb Ankaret, where the picture also is taken. Good vibes and dancing!
We also held a workshop in improvisation at the Culture School of Backa in Gothenburg, which gave us more taste of doing workshops and working with students. If you´re interested in organizing a workshop with Flocken, don´t hesitate to contact us!

And for 2014 we´re looking forward to keep working on new material for our upcoming album. We´re looking forward to play at FiN-festivalen in Norrköping in the end of april and hopefully we will see you out there at more festivals during the summer. We´ll keep you posted!

As always- for more frequent updates, pictures, thoughts, information and videos, please visit our facebook page:

All best for Christmas and the New year!
Love, Flocken


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