Great gig @ Umefolk and Europe tour

Flocken, Umefolk

Flocken, Umefolk


We had a really great adventure last weekend, in the areas of the deep woods in northern Sweden. Flocken held outdoor barbeque party in the snow, met many animals such as 17 deers and 300 cows and ended the weekend with a really great gig at the festival Umefolk. So happy about that!

As for the upcoming events there are some gigs planned for the summer, and hopefully more to come in. Flocken is playing at the restaurant Vatten every thursday in july and are going for a great street music tour in Europe 1-19 of june. We will visit, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and probably more cities on the way. Do you want Flocken to come and play at your venue, in your house or in your garden, at your festival, on your street or anywhere else… Please let us know!!! Anything could be possible on this crazy tour! Send us an mail to:

And for now, enjoy the spring sloooooooowly coming closer and sun sloooooooowly getting stronger.

Love, Flocken

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