Hamburg! Schwettigt..

Second time in Hamburg and we’re still amazed at the amazingly warm and welcoming atmosphere this place greets us with. Our most sincere wishes goes to Maxim in the band VAKUUMULATOR who gave us a ride from Berlin to Hamburg in their huge, fancy min bus. In Hamburg we’re taken to this semi-occupied house (Yupi Bar) where they give us extraordinary soup, free beer and a good vibe in general. In an hour the place is crammed and people are doing the jiggley diggely to our music. Most enjoyable!!

After the show our Hamburg hosts Natalia and Suren takes us to a surprisingly neat falafel place, lets us hang out with Flockens new found best friend Eli the dog and puts us to sleep with some nicely blended rum and coke. End of day one.

Day 2 we’re off to haubtanhoff to greet the streets and this was, as always in Hamburg, a very enjoyable experience. The rest of the day we spent eating junk food on a bus to Berlin.

Yupi Bar @HAMBURG.


Strasse near Haubtbahnhof @HAMBURG (Danke Peter for the photo)


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